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Unique Approach
Organic, Environment Friendly & Socially Responsible

Augustus was the founder of the famous Roman Empire – one of the largest & longest empires in the world history known for its brilliance in creating architectural and engineering marvels. Augustus employed Vitruvius, a legend architect and the author of De Architecture, a book that influenced even the greats such as Michelangelo and Palladio. Vitruvius designed The Temple of Augustus, that carries the long column design style on the facade, which has inspired some of the great buildings including the ‘White House’. The month of August is named after Augustus. Augustus left the world with the famous quote, "I found a Rome of bricks; I leave to you one of marble".


1st Green Building"
Augustus would be the first residential building to acquire Green building certification from Indian Green building Council not only in design but also in process of construction.

Environment Friendly

At Augustus, It’s a dawn of actually practiced environment friendly era. We believe that to make a better India it is not only important to beautify your inner living space but also your surrounding. The residents of Augustus will not be boastful but will be those who will practice and teach responsible living. Garbage disposal system with recycling initiatives, Rain water harvesting and Solar Panels on rooftop for lightening common areas are given utmost importance.

Socially Responsible

We are the first in Bhopal to think about our social responsibility and implement it at Augustus. A scholarship scheme is being implemented at Augustus for meritorious children of the residents. Most importantly, the scheme doesn't’t differentiate among the residents and shall also be available for the children of EWS and LIG residents. At Augustus, we are also providing resting cabins and toilets for drivers/help, a concept novel in Bhopal.

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